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Caravan and Trailer Electrics

Caravan and Trailer Electrics for 12V and 24V applications, in this section you will find voltage transformers, trailer plugs and sockets, caravan plugs and sockets alongside retractable cables and voltage transformers.

Retractable Cables

Retractable Cable with and without connectors

Trailer Plugs and Sockets 24V

A selection of plugs and sockets for 24V trailers

Caravan Plugs and Sockets

A range of 7 pin caravan plugs and sockets.

Towing Bracket and Trailer Kits

Trailer socket brackets and trailer socket bracket assemblies.

Voltage Transformers

Voltage transformers

Trailer Connecting Units- Allow the use of 12V trailers on vehicles with 24V operating voltage.

Intelligent Towing Controllers

Intelligent Towing Controllers are designed specifically for towing vehicles and the electrical systems of the towing vehicle as well as the vehicle which is being towed.

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